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Working with Ave
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    “e-thaksalawa” is the largest MOOC platform in general education in Sri Lanka. Considering the pedagogical approach, e-thaksalawa platform provides contents in pedagogically designed of the MOOCs in main five key areas: learning, activities and tasks, means and resources, interactivity and assessment. Compared with traditional courses, MOOC has intrinsic characteristics such as large scale, openness, networking, personalized and participation, which includes the online learning effectiveness, the mastery learning, the interactive cooperation and the learning mechanism of complex system self-organization approach. “e-thaksalawa” Learning Content Management System and “e-thaksalawa” Learning Management System together facilitate these all features in real time,

“e-thaksalawa” MOOC have the benefits of:

  • Convert the education content and practices into a public good, by allowing anyone to enroll in the courses.
  • MOOCs give an opportunity to connect openly on a global scale, with global learners
  • The ability to experiment with pedagogical methods on a vast scale
  • MOOCs typically collect data on student behavior
  • Can facilitate the flipped classroom scenario
  • Which can be mined, including data on motivation, online interaction, team collaboration, and learning habits
  • Achievements

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